Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Stonewall Cottage

 Why 'Stonewall Cottage'?  because of the simple fact of a bare stonewall running the entire length of the house.


Our humble abode is situated in a quieter part of town near to an open air theatre (so not quite so quiet when there is a concert on).  We have a ground floor apartment consisting of three bedrooms, (so for the first time in her life Alana gets a proper room all to herself) an open plan lounge/dining room, kitchen with gas cooker, bathroom, and a small yard.  There is also a small outside toilet where we can get a washing machine hooked up.  We don't hav any hot running water (just like the days of being flloded in Gloucester last summer!!!) but we do have an electric shower that generates hot water quite well.


Prior to moving in the rooms were all repainted so it has all been new and fresh to move into.  The yard has also been resurfaced making it a bit safer for Alana to play and toddle about in.  Julie (the previous tenant, also a SIS with FH, from the US) sold us some of her furniture meaning that we didn't have to go and buy everything, praise the Lord, however there were still some bits and pieces we were lacking.


Thankfully before she left, Julie put us in contact with a man who knows, and who more importantly was very happy to help us out in getting the bits we needed, and for a decent price too.


Its not quite so easy to go and buy household things here like it is in the UK.  It reqires a lot more thought and planning and lots of trips to the market, but we are finally getting there and the place is beginning to feel more like home.

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