Monday, 11 February 2008

‘Nannan’ - Eva Olive Halliday - (1921 – 2008)

Friday 25th January, 3am GMT after a short time of being unwell, my Nan (Sarah) peacefully died in hospital with a nurse by her side, and has finally gone to be with her Lord and Saviour. Though we are sad at her parting and will greatly miss her, we Praise God for the life of such an amazing lady.

My Nan has been the most amazing and inspiring women I have ever had the privilege of knowing and loving. She may have been very small in stature but a giant in her testimony and witness of Christ, and who always put others before herself. I have so many happy memories of time spent with Nannan, she was always fun to be with and never had a cross or bad word to say about anybody. Her fruit trifles produced every Sunday without fail when we were growing up never could be rivalled.

She would tell us that she made a point of praying for us all every day, all the children, grand children and great grand children, which when you look at us all realize that was no easy thing, but we knew that this wasn’t just empty words to make us feel better but that was actually what she did, day in day out. She had been such a strong witness for Jesus throughout her entire life, from her single days of being a ‘cadet’ and kneeling beside her bed to pray in spite of any ridicule she may have received, to her last days still baring witness to Christ her saviour.

She has been the head of a family that have all known the Lord. A family that has been of great importance to her. Even in her last days of frailty she could still name all the grandchildren (7) and great grandchildren (10, going on 13) as well as each of their birthdays.

I Praise God for the life of such an amazing lady, and for the privilege of having been her granddaughter and for having been able to share all of my 28 birthdays with her. I love you Nannan, and will miss you dearly, but thank you for all that you have taught and shown me in my life.

Picture of family

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