Sunday, 8 February 2009

Moulding Chronicle Jan 2009

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year to one and all,we hope that you all had a joy filled Christmas time. We have thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations having special time just as a family and time celebrating
together with friends. For new year we were blessed with the visit of old Aberystwyth friends
and we enjoyed much fun and laughter.

All change for 2009
Over the course of this last month many changes have taken place, the structure and locations of all the FH Bolivia offices have changed as well as our own roles within the organisation. Jana
the previous Seconded International Staff (SIS) coordinator has moved onto pastures new leaving an opening for us to fill in a combined effort as the new SIS coordinators for FH Bolivia. This means that we now have responsibilities of taking care of all the international staff working for FH Bolivia which at present is 8 adults and 3 children in La Paz, Sucre and Cochabamba with another family due to arrive in July. This is a great answer to prayer as now Sarah can find her niche within FH. With the job comes new responsibilities as well as challenges figuring out how the job works and how we fit in the travelling to visit and encourage those working in this country.

Ed's new job
With all the cut backs and resulting changes Ed's project came to an end requiring him and FH to look at where his skills could next best be used. In late December he went to visit a new project starting on Lake Titicaca, that is seeking to tackle some of the problems with pollution and ensuing health issues. He was excited by what he saw and felt it to be the right thing to take on. It will be a great opportunity for him to grow and learn new skills as well as being stretched
and challenged in new areas. The only down side to this is that it requires us to move to La Paz, and so in March we shall be on the move again and finding our feet in a new city. This wont be an easy move to make but we are trusting God to provide all the things we will need. He hasn't let us down yet.

Thank God for:
• A happy Christmas
• Good fun and laughter with friends
• Our new jobs

Ask God for:
• Positive last few months in Sucre
• Wisdom in our new jobs
• Somewhere suitable to live in La Paz
• Safety during the vote for the new constitution, Jan 25th
With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

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