Sunday, 3 May 2009

M is for...

M is for Micros
There are hundreds of Micros (buses) here in La Paz of varying sizes from small 8 seater Suzuki vans (Bedford Rascal van size), mid sized combi vans seating about 12 people, and old rickety looking ‘dodge’ buses where the only limit is how many people you can squeeze in, which will usually involve at least two people hanging out of the door! Each of these micros display a sign in the windscreen of their destination and very often have a person hanging out the window shouting out the destinations for the benefit of those in the population who cant read.

M is also for Mocachinchi
This is a drink made from dehydrated peaches which are boiled in water together with cinnamon and then left to cool before drinking. The first time we where served this drink was about a week or two after we arrived. We were celebrating All Saints Day (2nd November) with our host family. Sarah saw them pouring out the drink from a saucepan into a jug and got worried. She knew a part of the traditional dish for this day was pork and was worried we were going to get served a pig’s eye drink!!

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