Monday, 1 June 2009

Moulding Chronicle May 2009

Dear Friends,

Since our last letter to you many things have once again changed. After much deliberation FH decided that it was best to pull out of the new project that Ed had been involved with for a number of different reasons. But God in his graciousness has opened the door of other opportunities, his work colleagues have been employed by the continuing project, FH hasn’t lost its good rep due to the project having an overall name to cover all agencies, and Ed now once again is back at the centre of FH work with a new job as the national coordinator for the environment, as well as coming alongside Oscar the new national director helping him with his English and spiritual input into the life of FH Bolivia. The major plus side for Sarah in this being that Ed is now to be based in the central office just a 10 minute walk away instead of an hours commute. So God continue in his abundant goodness to us.

In the last month there has also been changes taking place within the FHUK office, though as yet we are not sure how this is going to effect us directly but your prayers would be much appreciated for Paul Cornelius the national director as he seeks Gods direction for FHUK.

In recent months we have also started on a journey and are being challenged as to what is Gods heart to the people here in Bolivia, and how he would have us respond to the desperate needs we see around and about us each day. Up until now it has been all to easy to just shut it all out and ignore it, and ignore the suffering around us simply because of not knowing how to respond to a problem that is so immense and also not knowing what effect it would have on us personally. However, God is challenging us and the way we think and see people. We are far from having any answers as yet but are beginning to be more open to what God is asking of us and a bit more willing to try and see people as he does.

Alana continues to enjoy going to kinder and has a little friend called Maya who she talks about a lot. She is also enjoying all the parks here especially the slides.

Thank God for:
• New friendships
• His guidance in work
• Ed now working closer to home

Ask God for:
• Continued direction in what He wants us doing
• Good health
• Safe travels and a good time for Ed’s parents visiting in June
• Leading and direction for FHUK

With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

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