Thursday, 9 July 2009

Moulding Chronicle July 2009

Dear Friends,

These last 2 months have been somewhat of a roller coaster emotionally and mentally. We had the excitement of discovering that Sarah was pregnant again, the joy of seeing Ed’s parents arrive safely to visit us and see how life is for us here, a return visit to Sucre visiting familiar places and friends, and the arrival of 2 cats to stay with us for a few months.
On the down side we had to say farewell to our good friends as they returned home to England, then face the loss of our baby though a miscarriage.

As you may imagine this has proven to be a difficult time for us. Although we are still struggling to come to terms with it and accept what has happened we have been able to see the goodness of God to us throughout, in that we have had a good Dr, Ed's parents were here and able to look after Alana during the most difficult times and people from church and the FH office have been very understanding and loving and so we have felt supported and loved.

One sermon posed a particular challenge with regards to us accepting the will of God, be it good or bad, and leaves us with the choice of letting go of our anger and frustration and willingly submitting, or hanging onto that anger and begrudging submitting, and being miserable with it. This we are learning is a hard decision to make, yet we also know it’s the right one, so please be praying that we will be able to give it all back to God.

Outside of our family, life goes on, and in recent weeks we have been busy in trying to improve the system of care for our international staff, and the process of induction for those arriving and starting work with us. Ed’s other job as advisor for the environment still has not been made very clear so over the next few weeks that is something that he needs to focus on to develop into something worthwhile.

We have also started meeting with another young Christian family from our church on a bi weekly basis in order to study the bible together and help them with their English.
Whilst her grandparents were here Alana took every opportunity of new playmates and spent much time practicing her English on them as well as teaching nanny a few words of Spanish, she has now successfully mastered the art of being a chatterbox!

Thank God for:
His love, care and provision
The visit from Ed’s parents
Time to visit old friends and old places in Sucre

Ask God for:
Emotional healing
Ed to be able to develop his new role
Wisdom in how best to support the other international staff
The 2 new families arriving in this next month

With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

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