Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dear Friends,

During these last two months we have been kept busy with visits and visitors, being challenged, stretched and pulled out of our comfort zones. We feel as though we have been put on the fast track for learning, however, in this time we have also received much encouragement.

Our period of furlough is very timely as we are in need very much of being refreshed and rested, but also we leave our work and relationships here at a good point to pick up again on our return. We can look forward with anticipation to our time of return to see what God is wanting to teach us next.

During these last 8 months in La Paz we have had to learn some hard lessons, but as we look back at those times we are able to see where God has been at work and praise him for that. We hope that during our time back in the UK we will be able to catch up with most of you, and hear about what God has been doing in your lives in these last 2 years.

We shall be covering a number of miles during our short stay so please do remember us in your prayers as we travel from place to place and share what God has been doing both in us and in Bolivia.

Thank God for:
• The good relationships we have
• Providing all that we need for furlough
• That we are able to leave on a positive note

Ask God for:
• Safe travelling
• Peaceful elections in Bolivia December 6th
• A good time of rest and relaxation
• Fun times with friends and family

We look forward to seeing you very soon.
With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

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