Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Moulding Chronicle May 2010

Dear Friends,

We have been learning many new things over the last few months both about the work that FH is involved with and a part of Gods plan for the future direction of the organisation. This month we would like to share with you one important aspect of the work that FH does, that is also a part of God’s plan for the future.

There are many Evangelical Churches in El Alto (the migrant city above La Paz ), however, unlike most evangelical Churches in the UK, they are very closed to the community around them. Over the last 5 years, FH has worked with about 250 Churches in El Alto. Churches that have wanted to learn and been willing to change their worldview. Worldview, being the way a person perceives the world around them.

Through a series of training workshops with Pastors and congregations our staff have been teaching; a biblical worldview, the place of the Church within a community, integral ministry and how to think and plan for the future (not common here, the Aymara language only has a past and present tense). They have also been teaching the churches about seed projects. Projects that are planned to help the church recognise and respond to needs within their community.

Such projects are short term, i.e. a few hours and are resourced entirely from within the church in finance and personnel (this helps to break the begging bowl mentality of dependence). The projects are a service to the community and in such demonstrate God's love. Examples of such projects are cleaning the streets, and erecting street signs. The churches are encouraged to complete 2 such projects a year that are well planned and well organised.
During a recent visit, Ed visited 5 Churches that were responding to the need to change. This is the fruit of just 2 of those he visited. The first had started a Christian School, teaching Biblical Principles at its core. Changes have been so evident in the pupils that children are now attending from all across El Alto. This year sees the first graduates. Professionals, wanting to take the Biblical Principles they have learned into the work place. The second church, positioned next to a University was running a restaurant to provide a cheap but balanced diet for Students which was also providing opportunities for evangelism.
Many of these things may seem common sense to us from a western back ground but for a people who have never been taught to think for themselves it is all new. If you wish to read more about the visit and how the programme runs and what some of the other churches are doing then please look at the more detailed report found on our blog (http://mouldings-online.blogspot.com/) Over the following months we hope to share with you some more of what FH is doing and what we are learning through it.
Thank God for:
• A companion family
• The boldness and courage to speak God’s truth
• The different things we are learning
• Peace about just living the here and now

Ask God for:
• Wisdom as to whether we should extend our contract which finishes in October 2010.
• Insight and discernment of the culture

With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

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