Saturday, 26 June 2010

mmm Digestive biscuits

There have been many occasions during our time here in Bolivia when something happens that is just very surreal. Today was one of those moments. We walked into a supermarket to collect a few supplies for an afternoon at the park and walked down one of the isles only to find ourselves looking at things which were familiar and normal and yet were so out of place. Brand names such as Cadburys, Colmans, John West Tuna fish, Rose's marmalade, Jacobs crackers, Fruit pastels, Robinsons and Schweps. It tooks us some time to register that the special offer labels were actually talking english money - Special offer, 2 for 1.50. Of course all of these items were at highly inflated prices however we just could't resist a little treat of digestive biscuits. Its the small things in life that make all the difference!

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Ros said...

Yes I agree. One of the shops in Japan was connected with M&S, so there used to be the occasional thing, that's nearly 30 yrs ago. Last time I was there one of the shops has a little dept for foreign foods at a price. People loved the packets of Earl Grey/ Lady grey loose leaf tea I took out,That it Japanese and Brits.