Monday, 16 August 2010

Our local Multicine

On returning back to Bolivia in March, we were very happy to discover that a new multiscreen cinema complex had recently opened its doors, just a little way up the road from where we live. On weekends it has become a very popular place to visit by many people from all across La Paz, as they try out a wide selection of different foods available within the newly created food court, before or after watching any number of films displayed on the 10 screens.

What makes this place so unique however, is the fact that it is still a hustling, bustling building site! Busy construction workers, seem to toil endlessly building onwards and upwards and to the side as well. Very often when we walk past there is a long line of 10 or more cement lorries all waiting to empty their load and have their goods pumped up to the top of what must be now at least about 16 floors if not more.

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