Friday, 22 October 2010

Toca Todo - A museum for children

La Paz appears to have many hidden secrets, every so often we get the delight of discovering one of them. A few weeks back we went with some friends to a little children's museum called Toca Todo. A place where the children are allowed and encouraged to touch and play with and explore whatever they could see.

The museum was divided up into different sections. These included science, with lots of little experiments do do with sand and magnets; Dinosaurs, where they could dig out bones, build their own dinosaur and make their own things with play dough; Space, where they could fly a space ship with lots of lights and buttons and build a space station; a construction site with foam bricks, a crane, hardhats as well as many other things.

One of its other endearing attributes was a mock up bank, the children get to create something in a craft activity, after which they are given a cheque for their 'work' which they could then take to the bank to 'cash in'. At the bank, their 'work' is recorded in a little record book which they get to keep and add to at each visit to build up enough credit for a free visit, they also receive a little chocolate coin, which of course Alana loved.

We look forward to our next visit to see what else we can discover, when hopefully the water play area will be open. Alana and her little friend Natalia had a blast exploring all the different things and were very reluctant to leave at the end of the afternoon. The dads also had a great time playing, at times I think they were having more fun than the girls!

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