Thursday, 25 November 2010

Moulding Chronicles November 2010

Dear Friends,

Praise God with us for a positive continuation of Sarah’s pregnancy and the continuing healthy development of our baby. Praise God too for his protection over Ed and Max his work colleague who were involved in a car accident last month.

With all that has gone on over these last two months, some days it has been hard to get through from one to the next, however, we praise God for his sustaining Grace and the opportunities to sit back and reflect on what was going on and how things could be improved in the future.

This last month Ed was able to travel to a new area in Bolivia to see current FH projects and look for opportunities for new ones. He was encouraged by what he saw, seeing how FH is changing lives in a positive way.

Over the last 2 years Jose has been involved in a project to improve the production and storage of maize. One aspect has been in the selection of grains suitable for seeds. This involves marking the plants with 2 or more cobs so that the best cobs can be set apart at harvest time and maintained for seed for the next year. Traditionally it was stored in the loft of the family home, where rats and insects would eat and destroy it, reducing both the quality and quantity.

As part of the project Jose was encouraged to make his own sacrificial contribution towards the creation of better storage facilities, through providing some finances and by collecting locally available resources. By being actively involved in the whole process he was able to better understand the value of what he had created and thus take care of it.

The result of this work with Jose has meant a 200% increase in income for the maize he produces, but the changes go beyond that, he is proud of what he has done and his mind has been opened up to other possibilities. This story is a testimony to the FH technicians who have worked with Jose and 15 other families in Torotoro and the grace of God within their lives.

We feel very privilege to be in some way a part of this process of change in peoples lives, and we thank you too for also being a part of making it happen through supporting us.

Thank God for:

  • Our growing baby
  • Continued health and safety
  • A good kinder for Alana to attend
  • Oscars improving health

Ask God for:

  • Good times of rest and relaxation over Christmas
  • Accommodation to be finalized for next year
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Much Love

Ed, Sarah & Alana

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