Saturday, 4 June 2011

Feliz dia del Madre

Mothers day was made very special this year by the presence of Isaiah within our family. This time last year I remember quite clearly being so sad at the fact that Alana didn’t have a sibling, whilst it was a joy to celebrate being a mother to such a precious daughter it was also a sad reminder of our three children never born. Little did we know at the time that within just one month Isaiah would begin his journey with us.

Friday was officially mothers day, when everybody seemed to be walking around with some kind of flower arrangement ranging from a single red rose to more elaborate floral displays. On every street corner it seemed that vendors had appeared in order to sell flowers and balloons and other knick knacks.

In recognition of the day the FH office here in La Paz set aside a special time to celebrate together the mothers who work within FH of which their were five of us this year. We each received a beautiful rose bouquet and then shared together a very scrummy white chocolate cake.

The celebrations continued on Saturday with Alana taking part in a special mothers day performance at her kinder. For the last few weeks all the children have been busy making special pieces of art work which were put on display as well as practicing a number of different songs which they performed for all of the parents. It was a delight to see Alana able to fully join in and sing all of the songs.

Sunday was our final celebration as all the Mothers at church were prayed for and presented with a little gift. On occasions like this I am reminded of how blessed I am to be a mother to two beautiful children. A blessing which I don’t take for granted.

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