Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Moulding Chronicles November 2011

Dear Friends,
What is your life purpose? What are your passions, dreams, goals in life? How has God uniquely designed you? These are some of the big questions we have been thinking about and mulling over in these last few months as we have been working through a book called ‘A leaders life purpose’.
In working through this book with Heather our Global Staff Care Manager, we are being given a gentle introduction to life coaching.
For us both it has been an enlightening and encouraging experience as we begin to look at how God has uniquely designed us, through the passions and gifts he has given us as well as the life experiences that have shaped us up to this point. 
The main purpose of doing these exercises has been to clarify for ourselves what our God given dreams and passions are  with a view of then using what we learn to see where God might be drawing us  to in the future.
A secondary purpose has been for us to personally go through the process of life coaching to grasp a better understanding of how it works and the benefits of such a different approach to that of counseling, mentoring or discipleship.  
The concept behind coaching is to ‘help leaders take responsibility for their lives and act to maximize their own potential,’* the theory behind it is ‘helping people learn instead of teaching them’* believing that people are able to solve their own problems*.  It is based around asking questions as to how the person could solve their own problem, rather than telling them how to solve it, by doing so it makes it far more likely that changes are made and problems solved. 
In the kind of work that FH does as an organization we can already see the potential benefits on all levels where such an approach would be of a great advantage to both individuals and entire communities, from the level of Country Director right down to the very people living and working in the communities where FH is present.
We have a lot to learn, but it will be well worth the learning process and time and effort involved.

In the meantime we are busy making plans for furlough next year from the end of February until the end of August, along with the necessary preparations for another new arrival within our family due in April.

God is and continues to be so good, we are so blessed.  Each of you are a part of God’s blessing to us, Thank you.

Thank God for:
  • Provision of a home during furlough
  • Gods perfect timing
  • Opportunities to grow and develop ourselves
Ask God for:
  • A car to use during furlough
  • Safe growth and development of our new baby
  • A good time with Ed's parents over the christmas period, safe travels and good health for them and us during their visit

Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah & Bump :o)

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