Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tooth Fairy Treasure Trail

A long time ago we decided that we wouldn’t follow along with the normal conventions of Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy with our children, however we still wanted to mark such occasions as special in some way, (as losing your first tooth is really quite a big deal when you are 6 years old).  So we came up with the idea of a a tooth-fairy treasure trail where by the tooth-fairy’s fairy friends help to guide the way to the treasure.

For Alana’s first tooth we weren’t quite ready, moving house got in the way of that one, but for tooth number two we were ready and waiting, and we waited and we waited.  That second tooth had been well wobbly for that last two weeks, but Alana was refusing to wobble it out.  Today after a visit to the dentist it had just the right bit of persuasion to leave and so we were able to put our first tooth fairy treasure trail to the test.

I think she enjoyed it :o) 

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