Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ancient Egypt

This last month we have been kept busy by working on our project of ancient Egypt, with my usual plan of two weeks spreading over into 4.  But thats ok, it meant that we could take our time and enjoy the different activities we were working on. Rather than explain it all the photos do a better job showing all that we did and some of the fun we had along the way.

Our Map of ancient Egypt
Building a pyramid
Mummified children
Our first science experiment
Mummified Apples

How did the Egyptians grow such abundant crops when it only rained maybe once or twice a year!!!

Excavating a pyramid

The sacred cat

Making papyrus paper

Dress like an Egyptian

and share your story.

A friendly visitor from the river Nile

So now we move away from Egypt as we study the story of Moses.  When asked how she wanted to put together her work about Moses her reply was to make a movie, so that should be fun.  Watch this space.

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