Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Teachable moments

I am learning to make the most of teachable moments as and when they arise.  When Alana asks a question I am beginning to learn to enjoy seeking out a full answer to give her rather than just a quick brush off, as well as having some fun in letting the creative juices flow.  The other week we were reading together from the book of Luke in the bible when we read about the houses being built by the foolish man and the wise man, which led our conversation around to the importance of building on a good foundation.   With all the new buildings being built up around us here in La Paz, it was fairly easy to introduce the concept of a building needing a good solid base. One building site in particular that is close to us has attracted much attention from our family, or rather Isaiah due to the huge digger that has been excavating a big hole, requiring us having to stop and watch the digger at work.  

After talking about these buildings we decided to take things a step further and try out our own little experiment, with the help of some Leggo.  Having built 2 houses exactly the same we then added a foundation structure to one of them and then sat them on some soil, having buried the foundations of the one house. We then tried knocking them over, taking note the force that was needed for each house. I think that Alana was quite surprised to discover how little effort was needed to knock over the house just sat upon the soil, where as the one with the foundations was much more difficult to shift.

Since that experiment she often now talks about the foundations of buildings as we walk past building sites, which has given rise to talking about how within our own lives we also need a firm foundation so that when hard things happen in life we are able to remain firm in who we are and in who God has created us to be.

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