Thursday, 29 May 2014

The bus tour

Now that we are scheduling in regular school breaks, it gives us time to do a little more exploring of the city in which we live and to learn a bit more about Bolivian culture. During our break this week we decided that we were going to do the city tour on the big red double decker bus.  It turned out that we had the whole tour to ourselves.

As we were getting ready to set off, the local police all dressed up in tracksuits appeared on the road in front of us and proceeded to close off the road and have a game of football. Since living here we have come to expect random events, though as we approached the main centre we saw more roads closed off and groups of people gathered for volley ball, football, aerobics.  It turned out to be 'el dia del desafio'(the day of the challenge). That was a new one to me, but added to the views as we went along.

Second breakfast, or early lunch at 9:45?

The markets

One or two rolls of toilet paper with your potatoes!

The view, with the football stadium in the centre

Somewhere over there is our house

Just a few cables to dodge on the way through the streets

It was good to learn new things and to go places where we hadn't yet been too, and to feel at ease being a tourist for the morning and taking lots of photos.

The ever friendly herd of zebras that waved and blew kisses as we passed

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