Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy Birthdays

It doesn't seem possible that our baby girl has turned 8 this month, how the time has flown and what a young lady she is turning into, quite the social queen.  She decided this year that she wanted to have a party at home with a frozen theme, which was no bad thing being as its seems to be the theme of the year if the parties at Isaiah's kinder are anything to go by so I was able to pull plenty of ideas together to pull of a fun and interactive party.

Making crowns and snowflakes

Pin the nose on Olaf
Cut the flour cake - but don't let the sweet fall
Snowman biscuits that were eaten quicker than the real thing could have melted
We also took advantage of being able to make a frozen mint cheese cake in place of a traditional cake.

OK so I cheated on the figures, but it tasted scrummy
Musical statues of course

It took a little while to get everybody warmed up so to speak but once they got going I think they all really enjoyed our slightly different approach compared with the traditional Bolivian birthday party.

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