Tuesday, 1 April 2008

D is also for Dinosaurs

On the outskirts of the city there is a large quarry for cement. Over the years they have found a number of dinosaur footprints in the quarry that have been studied by many scientists from across the world. In the past it was possible to get up close to the quarry face and see the footprints up close (you may still be able to but we didn’t). Now we think that it is only possible to see them from a distance, from the new visitors centre that has been constructed in the last few years. A few weeks back we went to visit with another Bolivian family and their two young boys. Alana enjoyed the visit and playing with the two boys. She also managed to get a piece of all of our ice creams; I think it’s the blue eyes and the pretty face that do it (Ed wasn’t so fortunate!!!).

The visitor centre begins with a zigzag path including a timeline of events, leading up to the entrance of the park that includes life size scale models of the different dinosaurs found here (along with recently added sounds). There is also a T-rex, whose footprints haven’t been discovered here, but was thought to be too famous not to include. From the quarry you also get some great views looking back over the city and the surrounding countryside.

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