Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Moulding Chronicle March 2008 Letter No. 4

Dear Friends,

Since our last letter at the beginning of the year we have been enjoying the space and freedom of our new home, as well as experiencing many new changes.

Once our formal language study finished Ed began work with FH. He plodded though the first couple of days not knowing what he was supposed to be doing as he had no supervisor, but the second week he joined with others on a training course about using the computer system he is to be working with.

A month down the line and he has started doing bits and pieces of work on different projects. He yet awaits a trip out to the 'Campo' (rural areas) the dates of which keep changing.

After a tough month settling into the role as full time mum, other opportunities have opened up to give Sarah some other focus outside of the home. The first of which was starting on a 17 week Pregnancy crisis training course. With homework, books to read, videos to watch and an exam at the end of it, it should provide good practice for Spanish if nothing else..

Sarah has also started working one day a week with \FH whilst Ed is home with Alana. She is working on the Child Development Programme in Horno Ckasa (a poor district on the outskirts of Sucre), though as yet she doesn't know what this work will entail.

Sarah also has joined the (very competitive) ladies volley ball group on a Monday evening. Wednesday evening we take it in turns to attend a bible study group.

Alana is doing great, and is growing up fast. She has now moved into a big bed of her own which she has taken to well despite one night slipping off and ending up underneath. She has stared going to nursery 2 mornings a week so at last she has some little friends to play with, and she seems to be enjoying it.


One of the customs here in Bolivia is to have help around the house, as things get dirtier quicker and take much longer to clean without the use of machines. Very often they are young girls who need to earn extra money so that they can complete their studies. So in order to keep in with the culture 2 mornings a week Ciria comes to our house and helps me with all sorts of chores from, cleaning, cooking, ironing, and childcare as well as being a great source of company and encouragement.

Ciria is a mature student and a single mum with 2 children of her own to care for, Immanuel (3) and Rachel (5mths). She has a hard life with a difficult family background, with parents who are split. Her mother lives and works in Spain, her father lives local but she has little to do with him. With her mother away she has been left with the added responsibility of also looking after her two younger brothers and younger sister.

We praise God that though she works for us and helps us out a lot, our home becomes a refuge and safe place for her, as well as providing her with a job and money to help her finish her studies.

Praise God For:

· Our house

· Ciria, and that she enjoys coming to our house

· The arrival of another British family working with FH who have become good friends

· The nursery, that Alana has friends to play with

Please pray for:

· Clarity and focus in our jobs

· Opportunities to arise through the pregnancy crisis training course

· Good friendships

Ed, Sarah & Alana


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