Thursday, 25 September 2008

G is for...

Two mornings a week Alana goes to the ‘guardaria’ (nursery) where she has lots of fun playing with the toys, playing big sister to the smaller babies, pushing them around in their buggies and bringing them toys to play with, as well as making friends and learning to play with others. She enjoys spending time there and has to give kisses and wave to all the other children each time she leaves.

One of the favourite snacks to buy on the street, in the market or to be served at various functions is ‘Gelatina’ or jelly, which comes in a range of varying colours from orange, red, green and even blue. Sometimes its served with fruit inside, sometimes with whipped egg white on the top or just on its own, but is enjoyed by all ages, not just the children. Ed sometimes receives it as his mid afternoon snack at work. We began to wonder if adults in the UK are missing out on this treat, maybe it should start being served at some high executive meetings for elevenses or afternoon tea!

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