Thursday, 5 March 2009

Ed plays with Ice Cream!!

Not sure why but last month I woke up one morning thinking about ice cream in particular wall’s viennetta. Which brought back many memory’s of looking forward to having one for dinner when Mum occasionally brought on, and the sadness that it had to be shared between the five of us, even worse if there where visitors for dinner!!

So there I was lying in bed thinking about making on. So I did one weekend. I melted some chocolate and put it in-between layers of some ice cream I made up from a packet.

Below is Wall’s description of their viennetta.

Share cracking moments of togetherness

Viennetta, a modern everyday premium dessert with the unmistakable "crack".

Just the sight of a piece of Viennetta with its delicious chocolaty layers is enough to make mouths water!
It's the way that these wafer thin smooth layers melt on the tongue! And combined with waves of really
light ice cream between each layer, Viennetta is the perfect ice cream treat for those little everyday
Viennetta, let's share cracking ice cream moments!

Mine didn’t meet that description but it did have the cracking noise of the chocolate breaking when you cut it. One piece was also enough (never true of Wall’s) with the layers of chocolate being quite thick and rich.

So I enjoyed making and think I’ll make another before we leave Sucre but add in the mint mix of a frozen cheesecake we have made a couple of times. Which is exceeding good. To the point that Melissa (another Brit here with FH) eat about a quarter of the cheesecake in one sitting. I made it in a 12” cake tin!!!!

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