Friday, 27 March 2009

We're Moved

Well having talked about it since before Christmas on the 15th March we finally said goodbye to Sucre and all our friends there and moved up to La Paz. God is as always very good to those who love him. We got very frustrated at not being able to find a place when we wanted but God had it all in control and provided us with a great apartment on the 8th floor that is more than we had asked for.

Now it’s almost two weeks since we moved and we’ve had some good weather days and some bad ones. Good ones being when we can see Bolivia’s highest mountain Illimani from our living room window and seeing double rainbows. Bad ones watching our road turn into a river within minutes when we have a SHORT hail, rain and thunder storm that got quite deep and sent boxes, rubbish and metal signs sailing down the road coming to rest against cars! (see below).

This all happened as I was about to go up to the office for the afternoon. Needless to say I waited for it to stop before leaving!!

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