Sunday, 6 March 2011

Isaiah John Moulding

Just a week ago today we became a family of 4 as Isaiah John Moulding entered our world and was born. It has been a long wait and a journey that has tested our faith and trust at many stages along the way. Today we can stand in testimony of Gods goodness and faithfulness to us as we hold in our arms our little miracle Isaiah.

In the end I think he was as eager to enter our world as we were to finally see him and hold him in our arms. Mild contractions began last Sunday morning and steadily continued throughout the afternoon occurring every 10 minutes. We decided to send Alana off to a friends house for the night just in case things should progress further and were very glad that we did so, as at 8pm Sarah's waters decided to explode which were then followed by contractions that were really strong. At this point we called family back home, then our Dr who arranged to meet us at the clinic, which thankfully was literally just around the corner from where we live.

Upon arrival we had just a short wait whilst they took our details and got a room sorted, by the time we were installed our Dr arrived and was very suprised to discover Sarah was already well on the way (which by now was about 8.45pm) it seemed like just minutes after that that she was already feeling the need to push (about 9pm). Upon further examination everything went crazy as they realized that Isaiah was indeed on the way and crowning, so then between contractions Sarah was rushed into the delivery room as orders were shouted out left right and centre to get the right people and things in place. With just 4 pushes and a flurry of activity he was there with us born at 9.25pm.

After that then things moved at a somewhat calmer pace as Sarah was taken back to her room and as we awaited the arrival of our son, who was later brought in by a nurse so bundled up you could only just see his face. After a brief visit from our Dr and the pediatrician checking that all was well, we were left in peace for the night, most of which was spent just gazing at the amazing little miracle in the cot beside us.

By 10.15am the following morning we were back home and began settling into our new life as a family of 4.

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