Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Moulding Chronicles March 2011

Dear Friends,

We praise God for the safe arrival of Isaiah John on Sunday 27th February at 21:25, weighing 7lb 5oz. All went smoothly and rather quickly with a swift labour of just 1hr and 25 mins. In less than 24 hours from when contractions began he had arrived and we were all settled back at home. Since then we have been adjusting to life as a family of 4 and the obvious demands of a little one. We now have the fun part of getting all of the appropriate paper work sorted.

Other good news is that our landlady finally signed our contract extension so we now have until June in order to find somewhere else to live and move.

Our financial situation has also improved since the last time of writing with an increase in support and a decrease in our expenditure, however we still have a small shortfall so if you feel God guiding you to be a part of our financial team then do let us know

Having taken time off over the birth of our son, Ed has since launched back into the swing of things with renewed vigor and enthusiasm for organizing the Latin American regional conference to be held in May in Cochabamba, as well as with Sarah becoming more involved with the development of member care at a global level.

For Sarah, roles have changed once again as she takes the time enjoying caring for another baby. With all the changes her desire is to seek God as to how and in what way she becomes involved with FH in the future, as well as outside of FH.

Whilst we have been celebrating our new arrival we have been mindful of thousands of La Paz residents who are currently homeless due to major landslides that occurred last month destroying a number of whole communities. FH is currently meeting with the local government and other organizations to see how best to help in the long term needs. Please pray for wisdom in the decisions that need to be made.

Thank God for:

A fast and safe arrival of Isaiah John
An extension on our house contract
The help we have received in starting to get the appropriate paper work sorted out

Ask God for:

A good adjustment to being a family of 4
Provision of somewhere else to live come June
Clear direction of roles in this new season of life

Much Love
Ed, Sarah, Alana & Isaiah

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