Sunday, 10 April 2011

Isaiah's Dedication

The arrival of Isaiah John has been much awaited for and prayed for by a great many people over these last 3 years. We do not take his addition to our family as granted but acknowledge the miraculous work of God in the creation and formation of this tiny, perfectly formed person. We all feel extremely blessed to now have him as a part of our lives. As a result of this we set aside time a couple of sundays ago at the church of which we are a part of in order to have him dedicated. To publicly acknowledge Gods work, to thank God for his life that has been entrusted to us and to give him back over into Gods care.

Our friend, colleague and pastor, Bruce, offered up prayers of thanksgiving and wisdom for us as new parents and for Alana too as she now takes on the role of big sister. Being an all Bolivian church (apart from ourselves and Bruce) many people thought Isaiah was just a doll (being white skinned with fare hair) that was until he started to squirm and wriggle about. Meanwhile Alana was more interested in a sweet she had been given just moments before we went to the front of church.

It was a simple affair but important for us to acknowledge Gods goodness and provision.

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Andy Sweet said...

Really chuffed for you all. I hope that Isaiah gets into a good routine of sleep, so that you can too.