Monday, 25 April 2011


As our family grows we have spent many an occasion thinking about and discussing what we would like our family traditions to look like. Because of living in a different country and not knowing where we might be living next we have felt the need to create some kind of traditions that take place throughout the year in order to create some points if reference for our children that will be able to remain constant no matter where in the world we may live.

Easter time has become one of those reference points in the year for such traditions to form. It has just so happened that for the 3 previous Easter celebrations that we have been here in Bolivia we have taken a trip to the zoo and so this year we decided to make that one such tradition, to take a picnic and enjoy a day outside marvelling at the beautiful and diverse creatures that God has created.

The other family tradition that has formed appears to revolve around baking and food. Living in a country where convenince foods are unavailable we have really enjoyed the challenge of learning to make the foods that we really like. For this easter time we learnt how to make our own hot cross buns, which turned out far yummier than any just bought in a supermarket.

We also made our own chocolate eggs and all had fun decorating them with icing and sprinkles.

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