Friday, 22 February 2013

Penguin crazy

This last week we went a little penguin crazy in our homeschool.  One of the aspects I am enjoying is the flexibility to do what suits and what catches ones interest. After 7 weeks of ‘school’ I thought it would be good to ask Alana about what she was enjoying and what she wasn’t enjoying and then if there was anything in particular that she would like to spend a little more time looking at and learning about.  We were just coming to the end of reading the book “Mr Poppers penguins’ so I guess that is where her inspiration came from to learn more about these funny creatures.

And so on Monday we began looking at all 17 types of penguins and where they lived and a little about each one.  We had fun putting together a chart with all of their sizes and were amazed to find that Alana was just about the height of the emperor penguin - I never knew they were so big!.  Isaiah came out just below a King penguin and Lucas at the Royal penguin.

We looked at what penguins did and tried to jump as high as a rockhopper penguin, but failed miserably at the attempt as some how they are able to jump almost my own height. We painted our faces and tried to carry an egg on our feet and made some yummy treats to continue the theme, as well as a whole lot of other activities.  I was quite amazed as to how much we had learnt by the end of the week and the fun we had in doing it.  We look forward now to sitting down and watching Mr Poppers penguins on DVD to close the week.

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