Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Davids Day

Despite being many miles away it was good at the beginning of March to remind ourselves about the beautiful country of Wales and for Alana to learn a little about the country in which her Mummy and Daddy met and were married. As well as being a good excuse for making some scrummy welsh cakes.

Our week of school was spent learning about where Wales is, a little about it's patron Saint David, national dress and a few other activities.  We even attempted learning a little welsh, though I'm sure my old welsh house mates would be appalled at my attempt of pronunciation (Think I am better off sticking to Spanish!).

Daffodils appear to be one of the few flowers we cannot find around here so we had to settle for making our own, of which Alana did a great job.  The advantage of these is that they last a lot longer than the real thing, or at least as long as a little brother doesn't get a hold of them.  Next week we look forward to some St Patricks day fun, though I'm not sure I can validate taking Alana down to the Irish pub for a Guinness.

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