Thursday, 11 April 2013


Our first attempt of Lapbooking

Our planned study of creation was originally going to be done in one week, just like the original!!  However, once we started it I very quickly realised that it was going to take much longer, 12 weeks in fact, and why not. It meant that we were able to take our time and get the most out of it enjoying it along the way. Together we read about what God did on each day then gradually put together our own model of creation.  I think that Alana was a little over confident when she said that our creation was going to be much better than Gods, however she did do a pretty good job of putting it together.

Creating the sea
Making the dry land

Adding a few plants and trees
Making the fish of the sea

and the animals

Creation finished, complete with sun moon and stars, now time for a rest :o)

Our lapbook on the inside

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