Thursday, 11 April 2013


For Easter this year we wanted to do something a little different, to work on creating some happy family memories together. In these parts we are a little limited in going out and doing random things particularly at night, so instead we decided that we would have and indoor bonfire night.

We set up the school room with fairy lights for the stars and put mattress and sleeping bags so that we can have some fun spending the night together in the same room.  

We started off with hot dogs for tea, then changed into our PJs for stories.  We then had some fun playing with sparklers, which Alana and Isaiah were a bit unsure of at first but after the first couple got to grips with them, then it was time for toasted marshmallows, yummy.

By this time it was quite dark so we had some fun with torches before the last stories and settling down to sleep.  Despite all the excitement and the boys bouncing about in their cots and torches going off and on all was quiet and calm by 9pm, or at least it was until the boys took it in turns to start throwing up from 3am.  Not such a fun ending, but it didn’t overshadow the fun of the evening.

Fortunately by Easter Sunday they were all well again to have a go at decorating some easter eggs with some friends.

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