Monday, 27 May 2013

Moulding Chronicles May 2013

Dear Friends,

Since our last letter much of what we wrote about has now moved forward which is much to thank God for.

The new format for the families groups  have taken off well and people have been positive about the new approach.  The groups are now much smaller having been divided into 3, but provide an opportunity where by everybody can contribute in some way or other and now enables us to involve more families. As we become more focused upon the families we find ourselves challenged as we hear of the many difficulties and problems that so many of these families and couples face. And yet encouraged as we see how new relationships are forming between families and how these are beginning to encourage and support one another.

The discipleship groups within the office  have also gotten off to a positive start.  For the first time staff are really beginning to grasp and understand what lies behind the values of FH and what they then mean in practice.  

Foundations for farming has taken a step forward in this last month.  The completed proposal has aroused sufficient interest so that now it is being moved forward with an initial trial planned for July this year.  This is both exciting and a little daunting at the same time as to where it might lead. 

For Sarah, Homeschool has moved into a more predictable rhythm with realistic expectations of what can be achieved. It has caused us to think a lot about how and why we do things. When you send a child off to school you don’t really have to think much about their education, you just assume they will learn, and hope for good reports on parents evenings (or at least thats what I assume) where as with home education we are constantly reviewing and assessing how things are going, what’s working, what isn’t. It causes us to question how we can encourage an enjoyment of learning and a desire to learn.  Why we are teaching such and such, is it a pointless exercise or does it serve a greater purpose?  

It is also a journey in learning about our children and their characters, and the things they enjoy, as well as aspects of our own characters, both good and bad!   Providing an education is a big responsibility, but its so much more than just letters and numbers on a page, its about learning about life in every shape and form.

This month FH published its 2012 annual report take a look at this link to see what FH has been doing globally over the last year. 

Thank God for: 
  • Growth in the families groups
  • The learning and growing taking place in the discipleship groups
  • Interest in the Farming project

Ask God for:
  • Guidance, wisdom and courage with the Farming project
  • Continuing provision of financial support we still have a shortfall in regular monthly support
  • Patience and insight for homeschooling


Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah & Lucas

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