Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Moulding Chronicles May 2015

Dear Friends,
When I first started reading up about homeschooling I never really believed what it said about it taking on average about 3 years in order to find your groove and yet here we are almost halfway through our third year and I can finally say that we have found that groove with the days flowing much smoother than previous years. Of course that will all change again next year once Isaiah joins us in the mornings, but thats not until next year so for now we can sit back and enjoy the journey.

Having found that sweet place we are able to find more enjoyment in what we are learning. Thinking outside of the box has also broadened our opportunities to include the boys and develop in them a love of learning too.  For example, last month they were all super keen to sew so they have all been busy making their own teddy bears. Having made them, they just love to play with them, and carry them around.

Once a month we set aside a Sunday afternoon to learn about a particular country all together.  Last month was China so we had a go at writing our names in Chinese, and making Chinese dragons. We have yet to fulfill our lunch date at a Chinese restaurant! Along with that we have enjoyed reading stories based on those countries too. Last week we finished reading about Gladys Aylwood, an amazing lady who despite so many obstacles followed Gods call to serve him in China, and in doing so saved not only the lives but souls of hundreds of Chinese people. As we read her story I was challenged by my rather stressful responses to the hassle we have gone through to get our visas to stay in Bolivia, when on so many occasions her very life was on the line in order to determine to follow Gods call.

In these last few months it has been a privilege to walk so closely with Alana in her own journey in making sense of the world around her.  There are so many people here who spend their lives begging on the streets it can be so overwhelming that its paralyzing to the point of doing nothing, and yet Alana desperately wanted to do something so on a rather cold and wet morning she put together a number of food parcels (which included a toy as she wanted to make people happy) and we set off and gave them out to people as we went. Proud mummy moment in seeing a glimpse of the big heart she does have in wanting people to be happy.  There is a lot she can teach me.

So we move forward with excitement and anticipation as to where God will lead us as a family on this journey of homeschooling in the weeks, months and years to come.

Thank God for: 
  • Visas finally completed
  • Finding our homeschool groove
  • 3 amazing children
Ask God for:

  • Gods intervention in the lives of the families within our group, many of whom are going through real difficulties
  • Ed being able to organise his work better so that he can move forward on some major projects


Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah & Lucas

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