Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Moulding Chronicles July 2015

A rare snow day in La Paz
Dear Friends,

God has a plan for each one of us and in light of that has given each of us various gifts to use in order to fulfill that plan. Our part in the deal is to discover what that plan is. At times He may reveal the big picture, often times though its just the next step that we need to take in order to move us along in the right direction. Sometimes these steps are obvious other times they may not be quite so obvious in how they relate, however God often uses these steps to grow us in areas of character outside of our specific sphere of calling.

We believe that in each chapter of life God has various things that he wants us to learn so that we can grow and be prepared for the next chapter. The challenge is to be open to let God grow us, especially when those changes involve our character. 

We have mentioned the coaching we have received many times because it has impacted our lives so much and God continues to use it as an important tool for shaping us and knocking off the rough edges and smoothing them over to better reflect Christ. For Sarah coaching has helped her see how God wants to use her in the short and long term. In the short term that involves the valuable work of being a homeschool mum to raise and shape our three children and provide for them solid foundations about God and his world. For the long term God has given Sarah an idea but how that will pan out we do not know, but that is ok, as much as we would like to know we don’t need to know now and so we give the idea back to God and look at the now, learning the lessons he wants us to learn now to prepare us for later. 

For Ed coaching has shown him who God has made him to be, what gifts and talents God has given him and how he wants him to come alongside and be a running mate with husbands, fathers and leaders to help them overcome life’s challenges with Gods help. To this end to help Ed be able to do this better he has signed up to a Life and Leadership Coaching course (www.coachingmission.com) that will run for 10 months starting from September. He is really looking forward to the course and learning how to become a coach to help people grow in their walk with God. 

Part of the course is a six day on site workshop in Colorado Springs in the USA in October. This time instead of just Ed going travelling we’ll all be going for our first trip ever to the USA. We’ll be going to stay with friends in Pennsylvania and Sarah and the children will stay there while Ed goes to Colorado Springs. 

The children are all super excited about going and are now daily asking how many big sleeps it is until we go. 

Thank God for: 
  • God’s protection over all the recent travels
  • How he is continuing to shape and grow us
  • The opportunity to visit the USA

Ask God for:
  • Wisdom in planning for Isaiah to join us in homeschool next year
  • Guidance for the families group
  • Continuing health and safety during many up and coming travels

Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah and Lucas

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path
Psalm 119:105

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