Sunday, 30 September 2012

Moulding Chronicles September 2012

Dear Friends,

After an amazingly smooth journey we are now safely settled back in our apartment in La Paz and readjusting to life in Bolivia again after a great 6 months in the UK reconnecting with family and friends, making new friends as well as introducing our own latest family additions to everybody.

During our time in the UK we were reminded of the importance of our family, and the blessing that each member is to us. We are so grateful for the way in which family has sacrificially served us during our time in the UK. The downside to this was having to say goodbye again, which on this occasion was made harder by not knowing the next time when we will be able to reconnect in person as we don’t know when we will next be back in the UK. 

Despite the sadness of goodbyes we have been learning to change the negative feelings around, thanking God for the time spent with family and the good memories made and looking forward to the next time we will meet with joy at being able to share stories and make more memories.

For now our place continues to be here in Bolivia to seek to continue to grow and learn, to serve and to share. For the most part the transition back into Bolivian culture has been relatively easy and we have been warmly welcomed back into both church and the FH office. 

Alana is taking a little longer to readjust, but on the whole is enjoying reconnecting with old friends in a new way. Isaiah and Lucas are just taking it all in their stride though Isaiah is missing some of the freedoms of the outdoors now that we are back in an apartment with no garden. 

Ed has returned with a clearer vision of where he feels he should be focusing his attention, combining 3 major work ethics into a developmental plan for FH Bolivia. Such a plan however can only be God driven and will require much prayer and patience and listening to all parties involved.  The potential is exciting, but at the same point can also feel rather overwhelming. For now all we can do is to walk and take it a step at a time as God directs.

Thank God for:
  • A great 6 months in the UK 
  • Many good memories 
  • A safe journey back and positive adjustment back to altitude
Ask God for:
  • Patience and energy for Sarah looking after 3 children without family and Ed around so much
  • Ears to listen to what has been happening whilst we have been away 
  • Wisdom for sharing what we have been learning

With Love
Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah & Lucas

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