Saturday, 29 September 2012

The seaside

Having lived 2 minutes walk from the seafront in Aberystwyth after we got married, it was quite a shock when we first moved to Bolivia, a land locked country, with the closest accessible coastline being over a 9 hour drive away over the border into Chile.  So maybe it’s not so surprising how special it is for us to get to the sea during our visits to the UK.  Our first attempt to see the sea was thwarted due to a traffic accident and a 4 hour sit in a hot car on a stationary motorway with 3 hot and grumpy children.  It didn’t put us off though and despite that first attempt we did finally make our way to the seaside on 3 occasions and partook in the obligatory fish and chips (sausage and chips in the case of Alana and Isaiah) and ice creams.

Aberystwyth, just as we remember it, cold and windy!

We still enjoyed our ice creams though

No visit to Aber would be complete without a walk up constitution hill and along the coast to Clarach

The sea even obliged us at Weston Super Mare, so we were all able to have a little paddle

... even Lucas

Proper seaside chips

On our last trip to the seaside, there just happened to be an air show on so we got to see the Red Arrows do their stuff

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