Friday, 28 September 2012

Top Barn

I just love the way in which God puts together pieces of a puzzle and blesses us in ways we could never have even dreamed of. Top Barn was one of those blessings in a number of different ways.  Firstly it was a great little Farm park just down the road from where we were staying with plenty going on so that we easily spent a number of days there having bought a season ticket.  There were animals to feed, tractors to play on, a sandpit to play in, a great tractor ride around the whole farm and the Top Barn Tumble!

Feeding the pigs

And the goats

Enjoying the tractors, big and small :o)

That in itself would have been enough, but God had more in store for us as he put us in contact with the managers of the Farm Park, with whom we became good friends, meeting together on a number of occasions. Through them we were introduced to their father who started up the farm a number of years ago, who has a gift for pioneering new projects benefiting different groups within society which are reflected in the broader work of the farm. It was really encouraging for us to meet with him and his wife to hear about their story and their connections with Foundations for Farming (the conference which Ed attended in Zimbabwe back in March). Through them we attended and were encouraged by a couple of evening at ‘The Well’ a conference centre set up at the farm where they regularly have speakers to come and share with those who are interested.

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