Saturday, 14 June 2008

The British and the Weather

You don't realise how much we British go on about the weather until you go to another country. At present here in Bolivia we are in Autumn heading into winter. Everyday it is cold in the mornings usually with blue sunny skies, by lunchtime it is really hot outside and then by 6 or 7 pm it has gone cold once more with the buildings giving off all of the heat that they have absorbed during the day.
In Autum and winter there is no rain. The other week I realised that we have not had any rain possibly since February/March time and we are likely not to see it again until October!! For a Brit that is a long time to go without rain. It's good to have predictable weather however, I do miss the unpredictablity of the UK. On Wednesday in the Campo (rural areas here in Bolivia) we had a unusual short shower. Just enough to wet the stone floor of the courtyard and give of that lovely smell of fresh rain on a hot floor.

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