Saturday, 14 June 2008

E is for English lessons

A few weeks ago some of the Bolivian staff started having English lessons three mornings a week (starting at 7am!!) with a lecturer from the University. They all seem to have taken to it very seriously and are practising on Simon and myself in the office and asking all sorts of questions about English grammer, which I have not got much of an idea about. I just use the language. They come into the office or in when we are having our afternoon tea break and practise their new phases with us. Much to our amusment as they try to get their tongues around 'th' and other strange sounds that we use in English. Simon and myself are also sometimes a little unhelpful and teach them some of the different accents instead of just talking to them in 'Queens English'.
It does make you stop and think when they come up to you and ask you a question in English and you don't understand it, just how do I sound to them as I try and communicate in their language! It kind of makes you want them to stop speaking in English as you think how bad I must sound!

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