Wednesday, 11 June 2008

E is for Escalator

It is interesting to think that we are now more advanced than Aberystwyth as we now have an escalator in Sucre, the only one for who knows how many miles around. It has caused quite a bit of excitement in the city as it's the first time many people both young and old have ever seen one or even experienced one. To the point that there is a security guard stationed at the bottom helping people to get onto it.

So why do we now have an escalator, well its all part of a new super duper shopping mall, which by Bolivian standards is huge, (but by UK standards quite small). So instead of our small pokey supermarket we now have super SAS with probably the same amount of merchandise just more spread out. A shopper can now choose from a range of different trolleys from little ones for children to push around (though many adults seem to like stooping over these) big ones with baby seats and even ones with little cars underneath, which seem initially like a great idea until you realise how easy your little one can either escape or help themselves to items on the lower shelves without you realising a thing.

We now also have what we think is a three screen cinema (yet to be tried out) with its own food court as well as other services and shops that are opening up in the available spaces. It has caused quite a stir so far as well as traffic jams. But makes like easier for us as we are now 3 blocks closer than the old supermarket.

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