Monday, 30 June 2008

New Prefect

Sunday 29th May we were confined to our homes as the elections were taking place for the new Prefect of the departement of Chuquisaca - the equivalent to Welsh goverment elections.  There were two main runners for the election.  After much campaigning that has taken place over the last month or so, severe restrictions were put in place to ensure that everybody made their vote, restrictions which included the prohibition of buying any alcohol, or holding any public gatherings on voting day - which meant that all church services were cancelled.
From what we could tell the day passed peacefully and by early evening the preliminary results were through which showed Savina as the winner with 55% of the votes.  With the results through the celebrations and festivities began in the plaza, with the sounds drifting up towards our house.  We now watch and wait to see what changes happen with the newly elected prefecta.

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